Keep Your Needs-Based Benefits

PA ABLE Savings Program accounts are an addition to, not a replacement of, government programs and do not affect eligibility for any federal needs-based programs including Medicaid. There is a limitation for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. For example, accounts up to $100,000 are not considered in determining eligibility for SSI.

Tax Advantages

  • Owe no federal or Pennsylvania income tax on saving’s growth when held in the account (tax deferral).
  • Take withdrawals for “qualified disability expenses” and no federal or Pennsylvania income tax is owed (tax exemption).
  • Entire account (savings and growth) is exempt from Pennsylvania inheritance tax.

Pennsylvania Residents: Open A PA ABLE Account - Get Exclusive Benefits

Protects eligibility for PA health and disability-related benefits

Protects eligibility for PA student financial aid

Contributions grow PA income tax free

Entire account is exempt from PA inheritance tax

Entire account is protected from creditors of the account owner, beneficiary or contributor

Account not subject to Medical Assistance (Medicaid) repayment (account owner's estate might be)